Cambodia On One Wheel

Ever wondered who’d be crazy enough to tour around Cambodia on one wheel? The answer is a bunch of international unicyclists made up from engineers, IT people, lawyers, dentists, doctors and even a puppeteer …

20K’s November Unicycle group was headed up by Ken Looi, who bought his first unicycle in 2000 and after a few weeks of hard practice, began to master the art of cycling on one wheel. Since that time Ken has set the 24hour Unicycle World Record (378km). He also won the 2006 World Champion title in the Unicycle Marathon. He has unicycled all over the globe, organising unicycling tours for charity and for fun.

“I did my first tour to Cambodia in 2004, but at that time I rode my unicycle as part of a bicycle tour,” says Ken. “It was such an amazing experience that I started organising unicycling tours after that. We’ve taken unicyclists to Laos, Vietnam, India, Mongolia, China, Uzbekistan, Nepal, New Zealand and more recently, back to Cambodia.”   

Ken says, “It was great having the 20K support crew feeding and watering us at every rest stop. My 1 year old son, Gryffin, was very happy whenever the bus showed up! He didn’t like the bumpy bicycle seat.”

He continues, “I would absolutely use Phea again. He was very knowledgeable and gave us some great insights into his country. He also looked after us very well and kept us safe on the road.”

Ken’s highlights of seeing Cambodia on one wheel: “There were lots of highlights, but predominantly it would be riding the backroads through small villages where the kids would come out and wave at us as we went past. The Angkor temples are also amazing,”

Ken’s three words that capture Cambodia: “Friendly. Vibrant. Hot!”

To read Ken’s day-by-day account of his Cambodian Adventure, please click the link below.

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